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About Us

About Us Page

About us- so this is the part where we are supposed to talk about ourselves. Always a very awkward topic, even if it’s just in words. But without further ado here we go!

The Acryden Comic was started by Stacy Hummel (That’s me, as I’m usually writing in this blog) and Art Schiskey (My better half).

In 2001 after combining our love of art, animation, and video games we wanted to do a graphic novel.

Why do you make the comic?

We make the comic for us, and we welcome anyone interested to come along for the ride.

We started with 2 characters and over the years, have created close to 100, each one is different, and we love them all.

It’s so long…

We didn’t set out to make a long-form comic on purpose, just one idea led to another and before we knew it, we had a huge robust adventure story with lots of different worlds and characters. At one time we had a bookshelf full of volumes, I counted around 8ooo pages.

It wouldn't be ab about us page if we didn't include The Bookshelf. A large bookshelf filled with raw hand sketches of over 8000 comic pages.
We carted these books around through 7 moves and two states, until finally retiring the bookshelf and going digital in 2022.

So why a fantasy comic…with spaceships?

We always wanted to have a fantasy story with all the goodies, Kingdoms, fantastical creatures like elves, dragons, and demons- and we have all that plus spaceships! We wanted to have a fun way to get around our universe so spaceships it was!

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Posted by Stacy H
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