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A Fantasy Graphic Novel Series

A Graphic novel with Chaos, Romance, and Adventure.

The spaceship Chakami from The Acryden Graphic Novel

The Acryden is an independent graphic novel filled with world-hopping adventures, magic, and chaos.

In a universe where all forms of creatures reside, a long-lost magical artifact known simply as The Acryden has once again emerged.

Princess Nikura, upon discovering her brother’s expedition to locate the item, abandons the safety of her Kingdom, determined to claim it first.

But malevolent forces also covet The Acryden’s power. When the magic is accidentally unleashed, it proves stronger than anyone can imagine, setting forth a cataclysmic chain of events that alters the destinies of those involved forever.

Cover image for Volume One of The Acryden Graphic Novel Series

Posted by Stacy H
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