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A message from the Authors.

The Acryden was first created back in 2001. And what started as a fun hobby project quickly turned into a full-blown series. Many of our volumes are still sketches just waiting to be colored and after a long-term Hiatus we are more than a little excited to be jumping back in. We hope that you will enjoy our comic as much as we do!

Questions about our comic

Is there an age rating?

We do have a content warning. The Acryden is NOT an explicit comic. However, we do have many fight scenes with blood and gore. Moderate nudity here and there and suggestive situations and themes geared more toward humor. We also have a wide range of characters, relationships and belief systems.

Is the comic free to read?

At this time, we are offering chapters 1, 2 and 3 to be downloaded and read for free. And 0.99 USD for each chapter thereafter. We feel it’s a nominal price and helps keep our website up and running. We are also on Patreon, where all current and future comics chapters and volumes are included with any monthly pledge. And also includes bonuses and extras!