Happy Friday!

Here is today’s page; It’s Magic!

Poor Krylan; Transon and Mezuki have no issues with speaking freely. I love his hair color on these pages btw.

Other News:

Finding things to post on Patreon has been fun and interesting, I want to start doing videos but I’m still looking into software, not to mention that I’m really no good in front of the camera. Practice makes almost perfect I suppose.

I just posted page 285 on our Patreon Page feel free to hop on over and take a look.

We also have something fun planned for everyone.

Starting July 1st we’re going to have a brand new voting incentive. The twitter polls are in and “SEXY” won, so this weekend I’ll be working on a sexy 4th of July incentive.

Also BIG NEWS. Staring July 1st we will be hosting a Summer Giveaway! This will be our first one and it will be pretty simple to start. We will be picking a random person from our MAILING LIST and they will receive the prize in their email. We still have a few days so feel free to comment here if you have any last minute ideas or suggestions. If it goes well we’ll start doing more contests.