So, what’s up with this poll?

So lately I’ve been brainstorming on new ways to interact with you guys- right now I’ve been feeling very distant from the Acryden’s online presence. One page a week isn’t enough…stuff.

(BTW the next page for Friday Aug.4 is already scheduled so it WILL be posted on time- 1am on 8/4 to be exact!)

We’ve had a lot going on- we just made a huge move from Georgia to upstate Ney York- and are finally sorta settled in, so now it’s down to business.

So here is the run down in a nutshell:

Speed Art Videos: I was thinking of possibly posting some speed art videos of me painting some of the pages or special pictures I have planned.

Comic Readings: Venturing into unknown territory here, I’ve been researching some of these and basically it will be me (or if I can manage a cast) reading over the comic panel for panel in video form. It could be weird, it could be fun, I dunno but would love to hear your thoughts.

Video Updates: Now this is something I’ve been strongly thinking about, basically this would be me making a short video of everything I have laid out for the week, it would include upcoming posts, pages, polls, Patreon Updates, whatever comes to mind.

So, these are some of the ideas I had, I would love to hear your thoughts or even suggestions of new things you would like to see around here, just comment below!