Hey! I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

I’ve been fiddling with the site- so if you’re on it and randomness is happening, that’s just me!

You’ll notice a few minor things here and there but mostly I wanted to share a neat little feature I discovered. We now have a “bookmark” feature. I know we have a LOT of comic pages and I’ll admit, it can take a while to binge these. If you happen to be a comic creator and use comicpress this is the Comicpress Bookmark widget feature.

Ok so, you look above the comic you’ll notice a tag option, this will (should) save your place, allowing you to pick up where you left off. I tested it and it worked on my end, so feel free to try it out!



And finally the most obvious thing is this blog now displays on the home page (and only on this page, the comic itself won’t have it) I usually don’t post too often, but when I do it will display here.

That’s all for now, peace!