I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on how far our story has come over the past few years and we certainly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our amazing supporters and fans.

I was reading through every single blog comment ever posted here and certainly found more than a few gems. So without further delay:


Top 10 Acryden Blog Comments Of All Time


#10- Yes Brett, cockpit. The pit where you… Never mind.  By Laurie Kellogg on PAGE 108


#9- You know, maybe if the natives asked them to leave nicely… By Bucc-I on PAGE 91


#8- Well… isn’t that a bunch of Suck heading their way. By Iron Cat on PAGE 183


#7- Time to use the Super-Herbicide-Attack, plants need to know their place on the food chain. By Jamming on PAGE 178


#6- It seems as though they’ve gotten themselves into a “sticky” situation. XD By Bizkit on PAGE 284


#5- No, but they’ll do nice garden decorations for the next week… By Dralou on PAGE 62


#4 – Yeah you did it all right step in a giant pile of horse … apples. By Comichero on PAGE 22


#3- Just found this Webcomic today and caught up in the last few minutes; I’m loving the story so far, and I DO hope the color stays! Keep up the awesome work! By Ogre on PAGE 61


#2- Calmness under pressure is (part of) what makes him a General. By Stig Hemmer PAGE 75


#1- This is why Common sense >> Dramatic Gestures. By Paul Rose on PAGE 8


Thanks to everyone who has commented on our blog over the years, we love and enjoy reading each and every one of them! I always keep our comments open so even if it’s an old post- feel free to leave a comment!