No pain no gain, no results without work- I know all too well about working for what you want, however. I find Kickstarter exhausting. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Kickstarter it’s an amazing platform that has help so many creators bring their projects to life.

But for me personally, I feel there is a better way. I’ve done three so far and there is so much hype about building up the project, making everything perfect, reaching out months or even longer to build an audience- by the time launch day finally comes I am so wiped out all I can do is share it over social media. (But you don’t want to seem spammy so even that is limited)

When I consider what our future holds (40+ volumes) even if we do a Kickstarter for every other book or heck even every three or four books that’s over 10 Kickstarters. (Mind explodes!) And I know there are people out there that have done way more Kickstarters than that but the thought fills me with dread rather than hope and excitement. And I want to feel excited about the project!

The main aspect is that our story is immense and promises storyline for years to come. While there is almost zero chance people will find you on Patreon by themselves, the idea of allowing the page to grow with you without crazy deadlines is much more appealing.

Kickstarter is better used for big projects that are ok with getting one-time funding- not ongoing ones. That’s not fair for the creators or the donors. If we do something big and special or a One Shot book- then you’ll see us back on Kickstarter- until then here’s what our future holds!

So What’s Next?

I’m laying it all out on the table, I’m an independent contractor (driver), that means I basically make my own schedule. (This also means I can take a day off to work and not get fired!) Now I would much rather be working on our comics and bringing you awesome content as opposed to doing my other job. Being successful at Patreon will allow me to do just that! This isn’t us asking for donations like on Kickstarter this is us working for you and bringing more content.

Ok so! Here is our Patreon Page Breakdown

Think of Patreon as our paid member’s page. While we post comics for free on, there are so much more things we can bring to the table on Patreon. And it will free up more time to be able to do more content.

Here is what we have for our Membership levels.

$2 a month tier

This is the tier that gets you inside access and you get to read more of the story- lots more! While here we’ve started posting comic pages every other Friday. On Patreon we post every single Wednesday and Friday. That’s 8 pages a month instead of 2. Plus, that grants access to any members only post that we make.

$5 a month tier

You get all of the above. We’re also going to be posting side comics. (Comics not found in the books or in the regular story archive) These could be one pagers or we may do a short holiday comic special – Halloween, Christmas, etc. This tier gets you access to these special comics.


$10 a month tier

You get all of the above. Plus, we’re going to add your name to the special side comics as a patron, this also carries over if we ever make print copies of the side story. You’ll also get one NSFW Digital Female Print + One NSFW Digital Male Print delivered to your email. These are print quality images. You can also choose to have them safe for work- just send us a message.


$20 a month tier

You get all of the above. Plus, I will draw a special 8.5 x 11 original drawing sign it and physically mail it to you!


$40 a month tier

You get all of the above.

One NSFW Female Print + One NSFW Male Print (or choose to have it safe for work) signed and mailed to you!

For this tier we’ll also sign and mail you the actual books as we publish them. Or any other print books that we make (We do about 3 to 4 books a year) Art is also brainstorming on an art book!


$60 a month tier

You get all of the above

PLUS, we will draw you into the comic as a background character! Could be a demon, alien, human or who knows! If you have a preference feel free to let us know! You will also receive an 8″.5 x 11″ signed print of your character mailed to you.


So that’s our page in nut shell and why we’re choosing Patreon over Kickstarter.


We would love for you to hop on over to our Patreon Page and take a look even if you don’t pledge, that would still be awesome!