I’m so happy to be doing book three. Angel’s Gate. This was always a great part of the story to tell, it’s the first volume in which the story is set almost solely in one world without any real world hopping.

Here is a little bit about what you can expect from the new volume without really any spoilers.

First of all, what excites me the most is in this book we actually get to dive right into the setting. The entire story is inspired by Spain. The characters that live in the world of Angel’s Gate are designed to be a mix of Japanese and Latin cultures. We do these crossover cultures a lot, it allows us to be unique and it’s something you can just have a lot of fun with.

In this book we’ve really taken the quality if the artwork and the storyline up a few notches. As I mentioned in our Kickstarter video, we’ve really never produced this quality before, everything is just so above what we normally do. And I’m just really excited to get it all out there.

A little on the new Characters:

The main character that we get to encounter is Lady Hoshina Castillo. Hoshina is the Head Knight of Angel’s Gate. She basically the equivalent of Sir Regalas of Ardonia only I can tell you that she’s much easier to get along Check out the clip to see my very first speed art recording ever!


The second Character that appears throughout the book is our mysterious female assassin character.

Page 42 panel

A panel from Volume 3


The basic plot is that, our new comer Merik get called by Hoshina to come to Angel’s Gate and help her in a matter that concerns the Queen. I really don’t want to get into it much further without having spoilers.

Ok so Angel’s Gate- really exciting really happy to be working on it. I usually don’t type up blog posts that often I was thinking in the near future that I may start doing video updates as opposed to these written posts, please leave your comments below if you think you may like me to do that instead. If you want you can visit our Kickstarter and get a look at me in our pitch video. I didn’t think it was a total train wreck.

We’ll see you soon with another update!