This entire month has been unbelievably crazy. Not only did we attend our very first ever comic convention (which we are now addicted to by the way) but today we launch our 2016 Kickstarter for volume 3!

Originally we wanted to incorporate this Kickstarter event with Momocon but at the very last minute Art decided against it-I am grateful for his words of wisdom he always reels me back in when I take on too many tasks- and this would have done me in!

I am so excited to get this Kickstarter campaign underway- we had a failed Kickstarter last year but we took it in stride and learned what we could from the experience.

If you like charts, below is our brand spanking new Kicktrack mini chart, needless to say I’m eager to see it grow!

Later this week I’m going to go into some Book #3 detail

Entering Angel's Gate -- Kicktraq Mini