So I did something Tuesday I never thought I’d do…

I went out and bought a drawing tablet!

What? You guys were probably thinking of something kinkier, like donning latex and jumping into a pool of pudding…

That sounds like something Mezuki would do. And she would look a whole lot better doing it!

So anyway, I just bought the new Microsoft Surface 3 – not the Pro- couldn’t bring myself to spend that much.


Now, the rest of this Volume is already sketched out, so I haven’t really tested it out with line drawing…yet. But coloring the pages is like a dream.

It runs Photoshop fully, without glitching or lagging. And Best Buy would have even let me bring it back if it did not run Photoshop for me- which was awesome.

So from here on the pages are colored using the tablet as opposed to the mouse, there is definitely a difference. So if anyone is on the fence about using this, take it from this stubborn chick , it’s awesome.

It gets a great review from me.


And now, on to today’s page.  244: Noticed