Happy Friday everyone!

Here is the new page for today page 234.

I hope everyone had a great week, we’ve been very busy working on pages and some other fun stuff. It’s funny that I can’t think of anything to say, all week Art and I ( mostly Art) have been planning out this summer’s Kickstarter rewards.

As for the comic, we have now moved into sketching volume 3 there is so much work involved. If anyone was apart of our previous Kickstarter campaign we talked about our bookshelf full of volumes.

bookshelf pic

Yeah, so all of these are old… very old, and have to be redrawn for the most part and we are on volume 3… In a way, I look forward to diving into these. we certainly didn’t have as many resources available to us when the earlier volumes were drawn. Plus we have some awesome characters coming in that I just can’t wait to get to.

It’s certainly going to be fun!

Ok well that just about wraps up my rambling for today.

Everyone have a great weekend, enjoy the new comic, don’t forget to vote for us on Top web comics, and we’ll be back Friday!