I can breathe a sigh of relief because the website is updated!

So whats going on?

First off I want to apologize for the comic not updating recently- we had a lot of things going on but I assure you we will be back on schedule bright and early Friday!

Now for the rest-

Ok, a lot of things have happened over the last 2 months, and here is a recap.

In July we launched our very first Kickstarter printing drive that was successfully funded on August 25! Thank you everyone! With the funds we received we were able to do a LOT of stuff.

First of all we are excited to announce that Bound Time Media is now an official legit publishing company, with ISBN’s, Distributions partners, etc. and of course our first order of business was to officially publish Vol.1 of the Acryden. Yes that’s right! it is an official book backed with the power if Ingram distribution.  So find it on amazon, find it on Barnes and Noble, and lots of other places. You can also order it directly from the publisher (that’s us).

I’m so thrown off that I forgot to open that bottle of wine and do my happy dance.

So whats next?

Well besides promoting our new book, it’s back to the drawing table to continue with the story- but all of this buzz has my creativity in over drive and I’m raring to pick up my pencil.

We also have some extra books on the way so I’m thinking some sort of a web contest might be in order?