A Special Thanks to Our 2013 Kickstarter Supporters!

We can’t thank you enough for all of your support in making printing Volume one a success!

Here are the people who made it possible!

Peter A. Rothe-Walser


Kerin “Kerinbot” Schiesser

Kieran McCann (IrishImp)

Darin Conard

Loni Martin

Patrick “P-Money” Stewart

Franklin Rugeley

David Francis

Kellie Kininmont

Grumpy Grizzly


Tegan and Isabelle McCarty

Michael hall

Theodore Maslanka

J. Patrick Walker

Chris Volcheck

Anthony R. Evans


Christopher C. Cockrell

Craig Hackl

Steve Morley

Bryon Yamada

Henrik Lindhe

Jens Bejer Pedersen

Niem To

Grace Bluestone

Thomas Zilling

Bobby Skeens


Aaron P. Churchill

Pam Palmer